Loan Equipment

The Culture Office wants to support you in your cultural events and projects as good as possible. For many events, you also need equipment. You may lend some of that from the Culture Office.

Fachschaften, Hochschulgruppen (student groups), initiatives and individuals (students) from the University of Mainz, University of Applied Science Mainz and University of Applied Science Bingen can use the loan equipment from the Culture Office free of charge.

Amongst other things, you can lend the following items from the Culture Office:

  • 3 pavilions, foldable
  • 6 bar units (counter units)
  • 10 sets of folding tables and benches (tables with 70cm depth + two benches in each set)
  • 2 speakers, mixing desk, cables, mics, microphone tripods + holder (only with technician proof)
  • 15 LED spots with color Change
  • 6 stage units (1x1m for indoor events)
  • Various games (duck fishing/fun fair game, ropes, board games, parlor games etc.)