Cars on Campus


Under normal circumstances, it is not allowed to drive cars onto the campus from 7am to 7pm. If you live on campus though and you have a car, you can get an entry permission, so you can drive on campus during the day.

You can purchase that entry permisson for 25,00 Euro/6 months.

You can apply to get your entry permission at the Studierendenwerk. You also need to bring the following things:

  • Confirmation of renting an apartment on the Campus by Mr. Lages Reis (entrance C, room 147)
  • Studicard with 25,00 €
  • Car documents
  • Driving licence
  • Mobile phone number, so we can contact you in case of questions

When we are done with your application, you will have to take the form to our staff department (Studierendenwerk, 1st floor in the tower). They will continue with the process of the entry permission.

More information

If you want to extend your entry permission in the following term, all you will need to do is bring the confirmation of renting an apartment and the 25,00 € on your StudiCard.

If your data should change (e.g. car owner, new car, license tag) please let the staff department (Studierendenwerk, 1st floor in the tower) know.