Network Group


Here you'll find the office hours of the NAG (NetzwerkAG). They will gladly help you with your internet in your room and any other questions regarding the internet. It is required that you have your ZDV-Account.

As a student of Johannes Gutenberg-University you receive your ZDV account via letter after you enroll. If  you haven't received your ZDV account, please go to Universitätsbibliothek on campus and they’ll help you.

If you are a student at the Universitys of Applied Science Mainz or Bingen your account needs to be requested. You can do this in our SIS office. You’ll receive a confirmation via mail when we have your ZDV-account.

Office hours

Hechtsheim: Thursday , 8pm-9pm, Bar 

Inter 2: Thursday, 8pm-9pm, Bar, house 32

K3: Tuesday, 8pm, NAG-room, house 6 (next to the caretaker's office)

Kisselberg: Monday & Thursday, 7pm-8pm, house 4, room 1005

Münchfeld: Please write an e-mail to: stwmz-nag-muenchfeld@lists.uni-mainz.de

Oberstadt: Tuesday, 9 - 9.30pm, Common Room 1St Floor

Binger Schlag: Wednesday, 8.30pm - 9pm, Bar

Wallstraße: Wednesday, 9pm-10pm, Net AG room, cellar

Weisenau: Wednesday, 8pm-9pm, movie room, house 3000

Bingen: Thursday, 6pm, common room