You're moving out...?

Well here is some general information...

Please note: Current information on moving out during the Corona Crisis.

Cancel the rental contract

You need to cancel your rental contract by June 30th if you want to leave by the end of the summer term and/or by December 31th for the end of the winter term. It is possible to move out early but you will still need to pay your rent until your contract ends, unless you can find a subtenant (§ 14 Allgemeine Mietbedingungen .Studierendenwerk Mainz).


You don't pay interest on your deposit (§ 4 Allgemeine Mietbedingungen Studierendenwerk Mainz). After you move out and after we check your room is in a good condition, you'll get the money back.


A subtenant needs to be registered at the Studierendenwerk Mainz. If you host a subtenant without giving us any notice, it might lead to a dismissal without notice (§ 9 Allgemeine Mietbedingungen Studierendenwerk Mainz).

Redirection order

After you move out, you might want to have your incoming mail sent to your new adress. Please check here for more information.