Private Living


Other than the Studierendenwerk Mainz, there are a few other institutions who offer dorms to students.

Accomdation Office of AStA Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Contact: Sekretariat des AStA
Staudingerweg 21
Studentenhaus – Eingang E
Phone:0049 6131 392 48 01


Contact: Marion Dietzel
Phone:0049 6102 75 03-18
Office Hours:
Mon – Thurs:9am – 12pm
2pm - 4pm
Friday:9am - 1pm


Contact: Stefanie Veith
Saarstraße 1, 55122 Mainz
Phone:0049 6131 28901-11
Office Hours:
Mon – Fri:8am - 4pm

Student dormatory Rhein-Main

Another contractor is the Studentenwohnheim Rhein-Main (Student dormitory Rhein-Main). The dorm is located close to final stop of the bus lines 56 and 57. For further information, please visit their homepage.

Private Student residence Burkart & Faulstich

Contact: Backhaushol 43, 55128 Mainz

Contact persons: Torsten Renth, Siegmar Faulstich

Phone: +49 177 575 5917, +49 163 294 1370

E-Mail: J.Burkart.Immobilien@web.de ,Siegmar.faulstich@t-online.de


Dormitories carried by the church

Evangelisches Studenten Zentrum (ESZ)
Contact: Stefan Schlimmer
Am Gonsenheimer Spieß 1
55152 Mainz
Phone:0049 6131 37407-0
Fax:0049 6131 3740719
Office Hours:
Thursday:10am - 12pm 
and on appointment
  • Homepage of Evangelischen Studenten Zentrum (ESZ)
  • Homepage of Evangelischen Studierendengemeinde (ESG)


Smartments Mainz

Ludwig Bamberger Haus
Berliner Str.33d
55131 Mainz



Katholisches Studierendenwohnheim (Newmanhaus)

For further information on the Newmanhaus please visit the homepage ofKHG.

Contact: Ulrich Lutz
Saarstraße 20
55128 Mainz
Phone:0049 6131 322-103
Office Hours:
Mon, Thurs:9am - 11.30 am
Tues:11.30am -12pm
Wed:12pm - 3.30pm
and on appointment

Private ads in newspapers

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, there are ads for accommodations in the local newspapers. You might want to check those out as well - click here for further information.


There are a couple of websites on which you can find a room in an apartment-sharing community.