Dein zweites Zuhause in Mainz

We hope to welcome you in our dormitories. No matter if you come for your studies or in exchange. We offer you a new home in our dormitories.

We recommend to fill in the online application for a room

  • before 15th January (summer term - Sommersemester) 
  • before 15th July (winter term - Wintersemester) 

This way your chances are best, to get a free room in our dormitories. 

  • After the online application, klick the confirmation link that we send to you by E-Mail. We will receive your application, only if you do this.
  • Check your emails regularly (also junk-mail/spam).
  • The room offer will be sent via email.
  • The rental contract must be confirmed within 3 days. Afterwards the room will be offered to another student on the waiting list. 

You prefer to search on the private market?

You are welcome to do so. We would like to inform you that it is uncommon in Germany to rent furnished apartments. International students often struggle to rent a place if they don’t speak German fluently and only want to rent for a short-term period aka one or two semesters. In addition, you often need a financial guarantee letter. Moving in and flat sharing an apartment with other students is often connected with a casting process for which you would need to be in Mainz ahead of time. Click here for further information on private living.