Similar Programs

Similar Projects in Germany:

There are some other successful projects in Germany which establish a contact between internationals and citizens.


Profin sponsored Froeigner become Friends from 2010 to 2013. The main goal of the Profin program is the integration from foreign junior employees.



"The program is a wonderful idea because boths sides can learn from each other... We enjoy spending time with young people!"

- Doris und Peter, Gastfreunde


Darmstadt: IGM

Darmstadt: IGM

The Studentenwerk Darmstadt and International Generations Meeting (IGM) bring together international students and Gastfreunde from and around Darmstadt. 

IGM ist a private initiative formed by different generations of people from Darmstadt. The main Goal is to establish contact to international students, being Gastfreund and helping in everyday life. 




Erfurt: Strangers become Friends

Erfurt: Strangers become Friends

An initiative for tolerance and hospitality in Erfurt

The project Strangers become Friends, a joint project of the University of Erfurt, the University of Applied Sciences of Erfurt, the City Council of Erfurt, and the Thüringer Institut für Akademische Weiterbildung e.V., was initiated in December 2002 in Erfurt/Thuringia.

The project began with 44 partnerships. We now have approximately 130 partnerships between students from more than 40 countries and host families from Erfurt. Each semester, a reception is organized for the international students and local hosts to meet each other. A highlight for all involved in the program is a joint excursion each semester, which serves to strengthen the contact between the international students and their local partners and to allow all participants to get to know each other better. The host families and students plan the rest of their activities on their own according to their common interests. The “International Stammtisch” is a monthly get-together at a local restaurant.

One focus of the concept of the project is the extension of the idea of “Strangers become Friends” to the business sector. Thuringian companies should be able to take advantage of the potential that international students have for developing business relations with foreign companies.

In May 2006 and 2007, the project Strangers become Friends was awarded in the competition Active for Democracy and Tolerance for creative and effective civil commitment.


Similar Projects

Similar Projects