28.09.2020 08:40 Age: 1 year

Action week: Large selection of our popular schnitzel variations

Dining Services

Dear guests,

next week we will present a large selection of our popular schnitzel variations with different side dishes and sauces.

  •     Mo 28.09. Breaded Schnitzel XXL with tomato mozzarella sauce and penne rigate
  •     Tue 29.09. Fried chicken schnitzel in crispy coating with peanut sauce and rice
  •     Wed 30.09. Breaded schnitzel with tomato-paprika sauce and gnocchi
  •     Thu 01.10. Fried pork cutlet with mushrooms, bacon and onions, served with potatoes
  •     Fri 02.10.
    •         in the Mensaria: Cordon Bleu of pork with gravy and potatoes  
    •         In the Mensa GFG: breaded schnitzel with gorgonzola sauce and fusilli

We look forward to your visit

Your team of the
Dining Services