15.12.2020 09:25 Age: 1 year

Montessori daycare Spösslinge takes part in "Kita isst besser" initiative

Child Care

We know a lot about good and healthy food. Not only the guests of our ten refectories and cafeterias notice this, but also the youngest: We cook fresh meals in our daycare centers, and of course we pay just as much attention to balanced, varied and delicious meals here as we do in our offerings for the grown-ups.
Because we are always looking for new suggestions and ideas, the Montessori Kinderhaus Sprösslinge is participating in the coaching project "Kita isst besser", which is supported by the Rhineland-Palatinate state government as part of the state campaign "Rheinland-Pfalz isst besser". In this way, we want to do even more to teach our "offspring" a healthy diet and lifestyle and reduce the risk of later, diet-related diseases. In addition to food, "Kita isst besser" is also about the dining atmosphere, exercise and relaxation.

More information on the initiative can be found on the website of the Ministry for the Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry of Rhineland-Palatinate