Wohnzeit-Verlängerung für Sommersemester 2021

Vereinfachtes Verfahren aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie
- gültig nur für den Eingang von Anträgen auf Wohnzeitverlängerung vor dem 31.12.2020, Stand 04.11.2020 - 

Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie ist ein vereinfachtes Genehmigungsverfahren für Anträge auf Wohnzeitverlängerung für das kommende Sommersemester 2021 beschlossen worden. 

Zum genauen Prozedere der formellen Antragstellung werden wir Sie entsprechend gesondert informieren.

The rent for your room needs to be paid during the full period of the contract. If you don’t want to live in your room for a certain period of time, you need to find a subtenant.

You and/or we can look for a person for sublease. This person will take over your room after you have left. This temporary resident pays the rent to you but you are still guaranteeing with your deposit. When the temporary resident leaves, you will get your security deposit back.

  1. Fill in the form (upper part) & send it to us 
  2. Both you and we try to find a holiday tenant (according to your type of room / shared flat)
  3. Whoever is first to find someone will establish the contract
  4. If you then make an agreement (written contract recommended! & copy of passport & if non-EU: copy of visa; we do not provide contract forms...) Studierendenwerk must be informed by sending the original sublease request form, now completed in the lower part as well.
  5. You will then receive our confirmation (form stamped & signed by a representatives of Studierendenwerk). Now the administation fee of 50 € will be invoiced / charged with your next rent. 

Here you can download the sublease form

Contact:Team Info Point
Phone:+496131 39 22366

Other Websites to find temporary residents: