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Foreigners become Friends

The goal of Foreigners become Friends is the contact between citizens from Mainz, Bingen and the area and international students in Mainz and Bingen. 

"All I can say is: Finally! I have always wished for something like this" Signe, Gastfreundin

  • International students learn German and get to know their host city
  • Citizens from Mainz, Bingen and the area get to know the world from at home

Around 500 international students come to Mainz and Bingen every year. But the purpose of studying in Germany isn't just the studies themselves. The students want and should get to know the country, they are studying in. As is generally known, this works the best through direct contact to people who live in that country.

Away from the campus - into the city is the motto our students: To be able to witness the everyday life of German citizens, contact to German students often isn't enough because the life of students varies from the everyday life of "regular" citizens.

Travel the world and stay at home is motto of our citizens: Countries, cultures, habits, traditions, food and norms from other countries can be discovered with our guest and a lot can be learned from them.

"Without foreigners become friends my time in Germany would have been completely different. I came here to improve my German skills and to the the real German way of life and I am absolutely sure that, without the program, I wouldn't have reached any of my two goals. Now I know that the Erasmus exchange program is on of the wort to study a foreign language because all foreign students only speak English with each other  But I can say that I really took away 100% from my time here. Thank you for the great program" Mari-Liis, Estland

For international students it is important to witness the everyday life. Additionally, friends can go on trips together, cook, go out to eat or out for coffee, explore the city, go for a walk or hiking, organize a party, work out together.. everybody can design their own individual program. True to the motto: All things optional, nothing a must!