AEGEE: "Some call it Europe, we call it home"

AEGEE, the “Association des Etat Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe”, is one of the largest initiatives of students in Europe. AEGEE-Mainz/Wiesbaden is on of more than 240 local groups of the AEGEE-network. AEGEE has around 15.000 members in more than 40 European cities: from Helsinki to Malta, from Lissabon to Kiev.

The aim of AEGEE is to support the academic exchange and dialogue among European students, to reduce prejudices and to be part of an active Europe.

What does that mean? AEGEE organizes a range of events such as trips, exchanges, partys and the famous summer universities. Check the program of he local group AEGEE-Mainz/Wiesbaden here.

Get more information about AEGEE on the website of AEGEE-Mainz/Wiesbaden.