Summer semester 2018- the culture office is coming to an end

Due to financial causes, the Culture Office has to adjust its work within the beginning of the summer semester 2018. Well-established events like the International Thanksgiving-Dinner, Studi-Runningdinner and Mix-Tour cannot be offered anymore.

We are glad that we are still able to continue some parts of the cultural program and therefore be conducive to the cultural life on the campus. 
Our support of the student initiatives and university groups for culture- and informational events as well as the cultural work in the dormitories will be maintained. 
The Culture section is integrated into the International department of Studierendenwerk. The Sprachcafé, the ERASMUS-Parties and the Joy Singers will be organized by the colleagues of the international section. 
The Service international housing and the contact programs Buddy Program and Foreigners Become Friends will be maintained as well.

"We regret this development very much and are thankful for thousands of guests who have participated in our events since 2008. Special thanks to hundreds of voluntary students, who developed, shaped, executed our events over the last couple of years and made them possible. Thanks for the engagement and the enthusiasm, which were put in the creation of the cultural offers. "-Eva Gerold, Head of section.

For further information geschaeftsfuehrung@studierendenwerk-mainz.de


Studierendenwerk Mainz

Eva Gerold
Head of Culture
Franziska Zirwes