About us

Hier finden Sie uns

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Beratung zur Studienfinanzierung im Berno-Wischmann-Haus (am Sportplatz, Nähe Albert-Schweitzer-Straße) zu finden ist.
Die anderen Ansprechpartner*innen finden Sie im Studihaus, wo der Info-Point auch weiterhin für Sie da ist.

Studierendenwerk Mainz is a service provider for over 39,000 students in Mainz and Bingen.

Our main services are:

  •     Dining Servides: In our refectories and cafeterias, we offer a varied, healthy and at the same time inexpensive supply at low prices.
  •     Housing: Our 10 housing complexes have more than 4,000 places. We offer a wide variety of living arrangements - from single rooms, single apartments, rooms in shared apartments, double apartments to double apartments with children's rooms.
  •     Social services and counseling: Here you will find help with personal and financial problems and support with financing your studies.
  •     Childcare: We sponsor daycare centers directly on campus and have occupancy rights in daycare centers in Mainz and Bingen.
  •     International and cultural affairs: Around 5,000 foreign students live and work at the universities in Mainz and Bingen at any given time. We help with finding accommodation, clarify questions, provide orientation and inform about contact programs, events and parties.