Our payment app: Simply pay smart

smart | simple | secure

With the Studierendenwerk Mainz payment app, you can now pay at all cash registers.
Here you will find the links to download it in your app store and step-by-step instructions.


Install and sign in

Download the app from your app store and install it on your smartphone.
You can start using the app anonymously right away. To do so, simply select "sign in" and "Create new account". You do not need to provide any additional information.


To recharge, scan the QR code on the revaluator in the app and top up the credit with banknotes as usual.
You will find app-enabled reloaders in the GFG cafeteria, Café K3, the Bingen cafeteria, as well as the JGU Central Library and the ZDV.


To pay, simply scan the QR code on the card readers at the cash register with the app open.
You can view the respective payment amount of your last purchases in the app at any time.

Autoload: Easy and convenient recharging via direct debit

In the app menu, you can issue a Sepa direct debit authorization under the "Autoload" item. To do this, you need to enter your full name, a valid address and the bank details of your checking account.
Within one to two days, you will receive a letter by mail with the activation code to confirm Autoload. Please make sure that your information is complete, e.g. for dormitories also the room number.

Securing your account

To secure your account, you can enter an e-mail address. Then, if you lose your smartphone for example, you can log back into your account with a new device.
To do so, you can use the "Link email address" menu item in the app. Once you have activated the link in the confirmation email, your account is secured.

Confirm student status

To verify your student status, you can authenticate with the account of your respective college or university. This is easy to do: select "Confirm student status" in the app menu and select your university. You will be redirected to the website of the respective university and can authenticate your student status there.

Once your student status is confirmed in the app, you will no longer need to present your student ID at the checkout.
However, the student status will only be activated for the current semester and must be reconfirmed each semester.