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Arrival Assistance

To all guest friends from Rheinhessen

You are already part of our colorful and vibrant region. Now you have the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and experience by getting involved as an ArrivalAssitant. As an arrival assistant, you can make a decisive contribution to ensuring that the newbies have a smooth start to their studies in Mainz. Your friendliness and helpfulness will not only be appreciated, but will make a real difference in the lives of new arrivals. If you are willing to support new students and share your enthusiasm for the region, simply register at:

You can sign up as assitant here 

Together we will create a warm and supportive community!

To all newcomers and newbies

Welcome to your studies with us! We know that the first few weeks in a new place are often challenging, so we want to make sure you feel at home right from the start. The Arrival Assistance/Arrival Assisstance Program offers you the opportunity to have a personal ArrivalAssistant at your side to guide you through your first steps in Mainz. From your arrival to finding your way around the city - your ArrivalAssitant will provide you with help and advice on a voluntary basis during your free time. Simply register and look forward to a warm welcome:

You can reigster as a newbie here 

We look forward to welcoming you to Mainz and experiencing your new adventures together