Notdienst Hausmeister

Locked out?

If you lock yourself out and it is out of the caretaker’s working hours, you can call the on-call service. In this case a fee of € 100.00 will be charged. 

Other emergencies
such as water damage, fire, explosions, vandalism or similar: in these cases calling the on-call service is of course free of charge.

Meeting place in front of the caretaker's office
In any case, you must wait in front of the respective caretaker's office for the on-call service so that the on-call service does not have to look for you.

Your cell phone number
Please leave your name and if possible a cell phone number with your call.

Emergency service number: (Hotline) +49 6131 39 24568


Active manipulation of the smoke detector?
If you have manipulated the smoke detector during or outside of the caretaker’s working hours, a processing fee of € 100.00 will generally be charged for the repair, plus any additional costs such as material, working hours and costs for external service providers.

When should I call the emergency service?