Manuela Speth, Leiterin Studieren mit Kind

Studihaus, Eingang F

Staudingerweg 21

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Important Notice: Due to the Corona pandemic, no visits and parent information events can be held at the daycare center at present. Instead, you can attend a digital information event every last Thursday of the month (except December) from 10 a.m. The next event will take place on 26.05.2022 at 10 am. You can log in here.

Who can register?

The day care centers of Studierendenwerk Mainz take care of children of the students from JGU, Mainz University of Applied Sciences and TH Bingen as well as of children of employees at JGU, Mainz University of Applied Sciences, the Max-Planck institutes and Studierendenwerk Mainz.  Should you not belong to the group of entitled persons, you can apply at the City of Mainz or other independent or religious organisations: City of Mainz.
The families should be registered in Mainz with their primary residence. We can only accommodate children from the surrounding municipalities or from Hesse in exceptional cases.

What do I register my child for?

The registrations apply to the day care centers of Studierendenwerk Mainz. All of the three day care centers are operated according to pedagogical concepts with different focuses. You can find information on the day care centers under Campulino, Weltenentdecker and Sprösslinge Montessori nursery. You are also welcome to tour the centers:

  • Campulino: individual appointments after prior registration by phone (+49 6131 39 37374
  • Weltentdecker: every first Thursday of a month after prior registration by phone (+49 6131 39 23874)
  • Sprösslinge Montessori nursery: every last Thursday of a month after prior registration by phone (+49 6131 39 23890)
  1. Download and complete the registration form for day care. In order to assess whether you registration is urgent or not, we require information on why there are grounds for particular urgency.
  2. For students: please include a current certificate of enrollment.
  3. For employees: please have your employer complete the certification. It is important that the HR department signs the form, and not the department head. Please enclose this certification to the registration.
  4. Deliver the registration to us in person. We will check whether the information provided is complete and will answer your questions on registration for day care.
  5. Take part in the parents' information event at the Montessori children's home or a tour of the Campulino day-care center. If you do not participate, we cannot take your registration into account when allocating a place.

Waiting times

Despite the fact that we were able to open our third day care center, the Sprösslinge Montessori nursery, in 2017, there unfortunately still are waiting times for a nursery place at our near-campus day care centers. Because we assign places according to urgency, there may be the individual case that registrations cannot be taken into account for the desired date. Please take this into consideration when registering for a place.

Place assignment

When will there be vacancies?
Usually, the places become vacant when the older children start school, so at the beginning of the new school year (Aug/Sept). There also might, of course, be vacancies during the year due to relocations or termination of study courses. However, this is only in exceptional cases.

How are the places assigned?

The student representatives of JGU, the Mainz University of Applied Sciences and Studierendenwerk jointly decide on the places for students. However, our cooperation partners decide on the places for employees.
The decisions on place assignments are usually made two to three months before the new kindergarten year begins.

When is the deadline for registration?

The places are assigned according to urgency and not by entry date of the application. The application should ideally be submitted two weeks before the placement meeting in order to be processed.