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Students become Friends

The Buddy Program - Friendship is what you make it!

Friendship develops from shared experiences, across all boundaries of language, origin and culture. Make real friends with other students from Mainz and Bingen with "Students become Friends"! Discover what you have in common, explore your new surroundings together and find out what else the region has to offer outside the lecture hall. In twos, threes and fours, life at the university is much more fun and even stressful phases and crises are easier to cope with together.

How does "Students become Friends" work?

You can easily apply online for "Students become Friends". If you want more than one buddy, you can indicate this in the application form. We will then determine who would be the best buddy for you. In doing so, we pay attention to your interests, places of residence, fields of study and other factors that, according to our many years of experience, make good buddies. We then send the information to you buddies so that you can get in touch with each other, arrange to meet and get to know each other.

If everything fits well, this often leads to long-term friendships that enrich both of you and broaden your cultural horizons. You can also help each other improve your foreign language skills. Together you can explore campus life, university life and your leisure activities as well as share your everyday life. If it doesn't work out with one buddy, you are welcome to ask for another buddy to get a new chance for a real contact.

Will I receive a confirmation of participation?

All participants who have been active for at least one semester can request a confirmation of participation. We will send you a form for your experience report. As soon as you return the completed form, we will send you a confirmation that you can use for your application documents. In addition, participation in the Buddy Program is recognized, for example, by the Johannes Gutenberg University as an intercultural qualification for Erasmus internships.

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