You're moving...?

Moving request

Moving to another dormitory of Studierendenwerk Mainz or moving into another apartment/single room is generally not allowed (according to §8 of our general rental terms and conditions).

Excluded from this is the change of a single person into a double apartment without a children’s room due to marriage or a creation of a cohabitation without marriage or the change into a double apartment with children’s room due to family extension.

A change of the assigned living space or a move within the dormitory is generally not permitted. Nevertheless, it may be possible to apply for a change of residence. This must be submitted informally by the 30th of June for the winter semester and the 31st of December for the summer semester.

Concerning the content, the moving request has to include a plausible and carefully formulated justification. It may be necessary to enclose supporting documents (e.g. medical certification, bank statements, certification of marriage).

Please note that a move is only possible at the beginning of each semester (01/04
or 01/10)
for administrative reasons.

Furthermore, a move can only be permitted once during the entire period of residence.

As part of the room allocation at the beginning of each semester in January or July / August, you will receive a written notification of the approval or rejection of your moving request. In case of approval, we will send you a rental offer, which you can accept or reject within 2 days.

If your removal request is approved, a one-time administration fee of 150€ is due with the first month’s rent and will be debited from your current account. The deposit will be charged proportionate and the difference will be debited or refund from your current account.