You're moving...?


A change of dormitory, apartment or room can generally be applied for via the rental portal. The deadlines  are 30.06. for the winter semester or 31.12. for the summer semester.

A move is always and without exception only possible at semester change 01.04. or 01.10.

The change to a couple's apartment or a family apartment due to marriage or the establishment of a non-marital partnership or family extension will be given priority.

Upon receipt of your application to move, we will send you an email that your request has been received. During the room allocation process in January/February or July/August, you will receive an offer to move, which you can accept or decline within 2 days.

We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee of 200 EUR, which is due with the first month's rent in the new living space and will be debited from your account if you handed in a SEPA form. The deposit will be charged proportionally and the difference will be debited or refunded from your account.