Report damages and request repairs

Report any damage of any kind that you notice in the dormitory, in your room/apartment and in general areas (such as the hallways) to your caretaker. Please fill out a repair ticket, sign it and put it in the caretaker's mailbox. Please do not carry out any unauthorized repairs, e.g. do not remove the drain in the shower under any circumstances! In case of clogging of the drains, please inform the caretaker immediately. You will be charged for the costs of repairs carried out incorrectly. So please protect yourself, inform the caretaker about damages and let him or a specialized company do the repairs.

Here you can download the repair ticket.

Active manipulation of the smoke detector?
If you have manipulated the smoke detector during or outside of the caretaker’s working hours, a processing fee of € 100.00 will generally be charged for the repair, plus any additional costs such as material, working hours and costs for external service providers.