Your lease ends at the end of the semester?

Extension of the period of residence

You have the possibility to extend your lease for the following semester, taking into account the deadline for the application in each case:

  •     In Mainz until 30.06. for the winter semester and until 31.12. for the summer semester;
  •     in Bingen by May 31 for the winter semester and by November 30 for the summer semester.

The payment of rent in the contractually owed amount remains, of course, just as much a prerequisite for the approval of your application for an extension of the period of residence as the validity of all other clauses from the rental contract.

You are enrolled at TH Bingen, JGU Mainz or HS Mainz?

The period of residence in our student dormitories is limited to ten semesters for students who are fully eligible for housing, even if you change between dormitories. Up to your 10th semester of residence, you can generally apply for an extension of the period of residence by one additional semester.

you have priority: As fully residential students according to § 2 Abs. 1 de  Framework statutes of the dorms.

Are you enrolled at another university or not studying at all?

Students from other universities are only entitled to a limited period of residence of up to 4 semesters in accordance with § 2. para. 1, sentence 2. of the framework statutes, but can also apply for an extension of the period of residence. External, non-students are also eligible for restricted housing with a maximum housing duration of up to 4 semesters. Lease agreements for students who are not fully eligible for housing in accordance with § 2 para. 4 of the framework statutes can only be extended for a further semester if there are still sufficient bed spaces available in the following semester. Priority in this regard, however, will be given to students.

You want to extend beyond your maximum 10 semesters of residence?

According to § 4 of our framework statutes for the student dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Mainz, under certain circumstances the period of residence can be extended by one semester at a time beyond the ten semesters, but up to a maximum of four semesters. You therefore have the option of extending your lease for the following semester in each case, taking into account the deadline for submitting the application on top of this page.

To do so, submit an informal application for extension, signed in original and containing both your reasons and supporting documents. Justify your renewal request with the reasons stated in § 4 and explain your reasons for renewal in detail.

Evidence of reasons include:

  • Performance overview of the university/college (§ 4 par. 2 lit. a / e)
  • Certificate of study (§ 4 par. 2 lit. a)
  •  Examination regulations (§ 4 Abs. 2 Lit. e)
  • Bank statements of the last three months (§ 4 Abs. 2 Lit. a)
  • BAföG notification (§ 4 Abs. 2 Lit. a)
  • Current medical certificate (original) (4 3 Abs. 2 Lit. a / b)
  • Corona Pandemic (according to decision of supervisory board)
  • Honorary office:
    •    HV-activity confirmation (§ 4 Abs. 2 Lit. c)
    •      AG activity certificate (§ 4 par. 2 lit. c)
    •     In-house tutorship (§ 4 par. 2 lit. c)
    •     Confirmation of other honorary activity mentioned in § 4 (original) (4 3 par. 2 lit. d)
  • Other documents

Please send the application for extension of the period of residence by mail, as we do not accept it by e-mail or fax.

Your extension application will be submitted to the extension committee in the middle of January or in the middle of July, which will decide on your application. You can find out how the renewal committee is composed in § 5 of our framework statutes.

We will notify you in writing of the approval/rejection of your renewal application immediately after the renewal meeting.