FAQ Moving out

Our tips for a smooth move out of the dorm

Checklist for moving-out

Checklist for moving-out

  • Make an appointment for the move-out with the caretaker
    2-3 weeks before you move out
  • Report deficiencies/defects with a repair ticket to the caretaker
  • Pay out credit balance of your Studicard and return the card to caretaker
    (Mainz: Info-Point; Bingen: Office Stw Mainz Bingen)
  • Work through the checklist "Cleaning"
  • Clear the room
    Take, give away, sell or throw away everything that was not there when you moved in
  • Reset furniture
    In the same places when you moved in
  • Clean room
    All areas: kitchen, bathroom and living room, see checklist "Cleaning" (also in shared flats)
  • Select the moving-in report
    It also serves as the moving-out report
  • Empty your mailbox
  • Inform important institutions about your new address (bank, insurance company, etc.)
    Set up a redirection order if necessary
  • New residence in Germany?
    Register at the Bürgeramt of your new residence
  • New residence abroad?
    Deregister at the Mainz Bürgeramt
  • Room & key handover with caretaker
    No later than 10:00 a.m. on the last working day of the month of moving out.
    Room check, return all keys

    Checklist for Moving-Out - Corona edition for printing
  • Are you moving out before the end of your contract?
    You have the option to sublet your room

Checklist for cleaning

Checklist for cleaning

Preparation for the room handover: What do I need to clean?

This checklist can also be found in the dormitory brochure on pages 26 and 27. You can simply print it out, or you simply work with the brochure you have received possibly at move in.

Cleanliness when moving out
Apartments/rooms are to be handed over to us in a contractual, clean and tidy condition, so that a smooth move-in of your new tenant is guaranteed. We reserve the right to charge corresponding costs and follow-up costs with your deposit in case of insufficient cleaning.
When you return the room with the caretaker, we will check if the room is clean and if there have been any damages in the rented living space during the period of residence. When you move out all damages in the room will be compared with the damages on the moving in protocol.  

What do I need to clean? 


  • furniture
    • Outer sides - also top side
    • Inside - also in drawers
    • Bed drawer also inside
    • Clean mattress cover as described
  • Doors
    • Interior and exterior surfaces
    • Top side
    • Door frame
    • Door handle
  • Floors
    • Wet wiping
    • Also wipe under furniture (bed, desk, chair)
    • Remove self-laid carpet
  • Windows
    • Glass surface streak-free
    • Window frame
    • Clean curtain/roller blind and hang up damp afterwards
  • Walls
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Remove images and posters
      • Eliminate holes
      • Remove adhesive residues
    • Remove stains or paint walls


  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Handle
  • Defrost ice compartment
  • Clean sealing rubber
  • For free-standing appliances: clean under the refrigerator


kitchen and bathroom (also in shared flats!)

Always clean kitchen and bathroom with different cleaning cloths

  • Stove & hotplates
    • Completely remove grease residues - see Photo in dormitory brochure/information folder, page 24
    • [Attention do not use too much water, so that no water runs into the switches and gets to the electrical system, otherwise a short circuit and thus a power failure in the apartment or in the corridor will be triggered].
  • Clean ventilation if necessary
    • Collect filter from janitor and exchange
  • Faucets
    • Completely remove limescale
  • Washbasin
    • Completely remove limescale
  • Shower tray
    • Completely remove limescale
  • Tiles (shower, wash basin, kitchenette)
    • Completely remove limescale
    • Clean joints
  • Toilet
    • Remove urine stone
    • Toilet lid top and bottom
    • Seat top and bottom
    • toilet bowl inside & outside
  • Floors
    • wet wiping
    • also under furniture and toilet
    • Completely remove limescale from floors

You can find tips with pictures in the dormitory brochure on pages 28 and 29.

Cleaning tips for shared flats

Cleaning tips for shared flats

Common rooms (kitchen, anteroom, hallways, bathroom/WC) in the shared flats are to be left in perfect condition. Please take into consideration that all residents of the shared flats are jointly and severally liable if the general and common perception is that the state of cleaning is unacceptable.

We reserve the right to charge each individual flat share resident for the proportionate costs of cleaning or clearing out the flat or to deduct these costs from your deposit.


Deposit repayment

Deposit repayment

The payment of your deposit is usually made approximately 6-8 weeks after the end of your rental contract to the current account you have specified. Should we have had any complaints when moving out, this process may take longer, as we have to charge you for the work. Depending on how complex the work is or how much time is needed to get a quote, this process can take different amounts of time. 

A cash payment of your deposit is not possible. If you did not submit a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate and transferred the rent, please send us - if you have not already done so - your account details by e-mail to mibu@studierendenwerk-mainz.de.


Have your mail forwarded

Have your mail forwarded

Mail forwarding order

Immediately after you move out, your mailbox label is removed.
We recommend that you set up a mail forwarding service to ensure the delivery of your letters (e.g. bank, insurance, university, authorities) and parcels to your new home.

We are not liable for lost letters or parcels.

You can access the redirection order as follows: www.nachsenden.info