Great! You're interested in one of our dormitories. We offer four different kind of living arrangements in different price catagories.

Living Categories:
Single room in a flatshare (€ 303,00 - € 408,00)
Single Apartment  (€ 310,00 - € 418,00)
Couples Apartment (€ 548,00 - € 698,00)
Family Apartment (up to € 678,00)

Seven steps to your apartment...

Step 1: Authorization

Step 1: Authorization

Registered students of the following universities are preferred in the allocation of rental agreements, because they are fully entitled to live there.

  • Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz (incl. Studienkolleg and University of Music)
  • University of Mainz
  • Bingen University of Technology 

Students of other universities will receive a lease offer if all applications from students of the above mentioned universities have been offered a rental agreement. Students of other universities are only entitled to residency with restrictions. Please note that rental agreements can be extended after one semester if there are still free places available in the following semester. Priority is given to students who are fully entitled to residency. 

Externals, non-students are also restricted in their right of residence. Rental agreements will only be sent out once the two groups mentioned above have received offers. The above-mentioned information on the extension of the lease is valid accordingly.

The legal basis of these points can be found in the statute of the student dorms of the Stw Mainz

Tip: If you are still looking for other offers, check the private room offers.

There is a FAQ about living to answer your further questions.

Step 2: Your Priorities

Step 2: Your Priorities

It’s important that you know what you want out of your new room. We've put together a few questions to think about. 

What do you find more important?

  1. Living close to campus or living in your prefered dorm?
  2. Absolute privacy or contact to your roomies?
    [Single Aparment] or[ Single room in flatshare]
  3. Nicer, but also more expensive living or a standard room?
    [K3, Oberstadt, Wallstraße] or [Hechtsheim, Inter II, Kisselberg, Münchfeld, Taubertsberg, Weisenau]
  4. A community kitchen and community bathrooms, which are cleaned for you or clean the kitchen and the bathroom by yourself?
    [8/12 flatshare Inter II/Münchfeld] or [Hechtsheim, K3, Kisselberg, Oberstadt, Tauberstberg, Wallstraße, Weisenau]
  5. Sharing an oven and four stove tops or having two stove tops to youself?
    [4/8 flatshare Hechtsheim, K3, Kisselberg/Inter II; Münchfeld ] oder [Hechtsheim (2/3 flatshare), Inter II (besides 8-flatshare), K3 (besides 4 flatshare), Kisselberg (besides 4 flatshare), Oberstadt, Taubertsberg, Wallstraße, Weisenau]
  6. Living alone or with your significant other/family?
    [Inter II (auch Familienwohnung), Weisenau]

We always try to give you your preferred room but please understand that we can only offer those rooms that are free. First come, first served.

Step 3: Application Form

Step 3: Application Form

Only if you have filled out the online application, we can send you a room offer. Check your priorities and take a look at our dormitories. 

Fill out the form and let us know through the field "Notes" which attribute of your future room is especially important to you (keywords: low rent or location or luxury). 

Click here to fill in the application form.


Step 4: Confirmation Link

Step 4: Confirmation Link

Only if you click on the confirmation link in the e-mail sent to you, we will check your application.

Didn't receive an e-mail with a confirmation link?

Please check your spam/junk mail folder to see if the e-mail landed there. Without the confirmation your request will not be forwarded to us and we cannot offer you anything.

Keep your application active & stay on waiting list: click on the link regularly.

At regular intervals we will send you an e-mail in which you have to click on the link to stay on the waiting list. 

When does the offer comes?

Between January and the end of March for the summer semester and between July and the end of September for the winter semester the room offers will be sent out.

The later the application, the later the offer. We allocate the rooms according to the application date, i.e. the later you have applied, the later we send you an offer. 

Further information can be found in the FAQs.

Step 5: Our Offer by e-mail

Step 5: Our Offer by e-mail

Check your e-mails regularly! 1-3 days time for decision-making

During the peak rental period (August, September & February, March) we send out all available rental offers by e-mail. The rental offer must be confirmed within 1-3 days, otherwise the room will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. You will then also be automatically removed from the waiting list. 

Start of contract: Our rooms are always allocated at the beginning of the semester for one semester. The standard start date of a contract is therefore pre-selected in the application. 
At other times only remaining free rooms are allocated, so the choice of what we can offer is more limited accordingly.

Your priorities: We try to consider your priorities, but we can only offer rooms that are currently available. If your wishes have not been respected, it is likely that all other options are already rented.


Step 6: Now, it's Your decision

Step 6: Now, it's Your decision

Now, you decide. Do you want to accept our offer?

You still have questions, e.g. if you have not yet received an approval, tips can be found in the FAQ.

Please sign the contract, scan it (or take a photo) and send the documents back to us by e-mail.

Step 7: Moving In

Step 7: Moving In

Now it's finally time: You can call the room in our dorm your own!

Tips and tricks that will make your move in process easier, can be found here.

We look forward to meeting you!