Autoload is an automated top-up service. Your Studicard is automatically reloaded when a minimum balance is reached after your approval, i.e. when the balance is used up and the card is to be used again. The amount will be debited from your deposited account. This saves you the hassle of topping up with cash at the top-up terminals.


You can register digitally for this procedure: Jusst fill in this form and send it to infopoint@studierendenwerk-mainz.de

The automatic recharge amount is at least 5 €. The amount from which will be recharged is determined by you.

Note for residents of our dorms: Your Studicard will not be automatically charged when you use the washing machines and dryers. You must top it up in your dorm in the laundry room at the terminal using the 4-digit PIN number (please follow the instructions at the laundry terminal). Autoload will only work if the current balance on your card is less than the value you specified for reload. (For example, if you have specified that your Studicard should be topped up by autoload at 2.00 euros, there must not be any remaining credit on the card when you top it up at the wash terminal).