The Idea

"During my year in England as part of my studies, I would have very much liked such a Project ot comte to know people, life and culture besides campus living."

Signe, host friend

Every semester several hundred foreign students come to Mainz and Bingen. During their studies they would also like to know country and people of their chosen second home country. But unfortunately there is hardly any opportunity to experience “normal life” besides the everyday studying routine. As most students are living in the Studierendenwerk´s dorms, acquaintances outside the campus are an exception. They pass their daily life with other students – mostly without exception.

Foreigners become Friends creates contacts between international students and people of the region: „Off the campus - into the town“ is the new program of Studierdendenwerk Mainz’ Service International Students (SIS).

We provide the chance for international students to participate in the daily life of their host country and to find out themselves about the particular issues of life in the country they are visiting.

Being hosts/friends of one or several students, citizens of the Mainz-Bingen region have not only the chance to get their guests to see and get the feeling of their home country but to learn a lot about the countries the students left to come to Mainz. Thus hosts can meet interesting people and travel the world a bit without having to leave their home.

Everybody who would like to share his daily life with others and knows how to responsibly handle this can become a host friend: citizens of all ages, all social positions and nations; families, single persons, the working and non-working, retired, adolescent, members of parties or clubs. You are all very welcome to join.

Apart from everyday leisure activities friends can share much more: excursions, having lunch or a cup of coffee together, discover the city, go for walks or hiking, join festivities and parties, enjoy sport activities and much more. There are innumerable possibilities only to be triggered by the participants´ creative ideas.

In addition to individual activities, the SIS office of the Studierendenwerk Mainz regularly offers evenings together, excursions, cooking and socializing. Thus the contacts are not only limited to host friend and student.